I am a UX designer with strengths in interaction design and prototyping. I am passionate about user experience and I enjoy creatively solving problems and designing usable products that bring meaningful experiences into people's lives.

After studying engineering and business management, I realized the power of applying design thinking to business innovation.

Since then, I have designed for enterprise and consumer facing software — Ellie Mae, Tala to name a few.

Growing up

Delhi - I was born and brought up here. Sometimes I get nostalgic and realize how much I loved Delhi and everything about it.

Calling Seattle my home!

I don't know if it's the coffee or seahawks, but I love this beautiful city! And who doesn't like watching an active volcano from the backyard :P


When I am not designing, I am often engrossed with playing strategy board games. This has often helped me to look at problems from diverse perspectives.

Go Blue!

I am a graduate of University of Michigan Ann Arbor and a proud wolverine. Wherever we are in the world, we wolverines share a special bond from protecting the sacred M in the Diag.


I enjoy problem solving and simplifying complex things