Tala enables people with no credit history in third world countries to apply for a loan and receive an instant decision

Junior UX designer / Visual Designer

July 2017 - November 2017


Tala wanted to enter India and it was the first time they were launching the app to that particular market. That meant the app needed to be redesigned in accordance with the local needs. Our primary target user base is anyone from the low-income household. The existing version of the application looked as follows


For this purpose, I worked alongside a product manager to help refine the requirements for the product.

This app was launched as a beta in early November 2017. The goal was to have a small number of loans (~100) by the end of the year.

For the beta app, we used only one rails provider (UPI) and had no option for paying using cash. While working on the flows,

I discovered that loan application logic can be made much better considering the number of screens we had in the mobile app. This was making the application more cumbersome and difficult to launch in countries where the wifi was a concern and the devices type used was lower than Android 6.

Initial user research

Initial user research suggested the following pieces of information that suggested the idea for:

  1. The users needed local language support as many of the users belonged to the lower income household.
  2. The Form was too long and many users had issues with the Kenyan flow.
  3. The form also did not inform the users of progress throughout the app.
  4. The device types generally used among this income included.

Design principles

Some of the design principles that I used for this include:

  1. The form design should be simple and easy to use
  2. There should be an indication of where and what the user at different stages of the application


There are different flows that I explored for the form application, some of them included the following

Final design

The final loan application looks like this.

I also did localization for this app using two Indian languages: Hindi and Marathi, since the initial launch was in Mumbai.

Visual design

Lastly, I did visual design for the application


The new flow of the loan application was accepted and implemented in all the markets in which Tala operates.


Designing for international audiences

I designed the app for the India market and that meant I need to be aware of how to incorporate Hindi typeface into the Android app.

Different Constraints

The app needed to be localized to cater to the local India market and that meant the user behaviour and needs were kept in account with extensive user testing before the app was launched

Presenting work to large groups

I also designed presentations for venture capitalist to help drive funding for this project and this helped me get better at communicating and presenting my ideas to diverse set of people.